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Due to issues with the supplier, buttons will no longer be included in crates.


Our theme for May crate is Fighting Fate. It is focused on protagonists who fight the fate they have been handed.


This months book is a twist on the Cinderella story. It’s tale begins shortly after Cinderella marries her prince and it transports you on an amazing journey of fighting ones fate. The book’s protagonist is Cinderella’s ugly stepsister and shows us the villains side of the story. The question is ... will the villain become who she could be or is she doomed to travel down her set fate?


Young adult book fandoms featured in this month's crate include:

  • The Cruel Prince
  • The Hunger Games
  • Unearhtly


Crates to be shipped on the 6th of May!

Ultimate May Book Crate

SKU: 16
  • The Ultimate Box will include:

    • This month's book is Stepsister by Jennifer Donnelly. It's a twist on the Cinderella story that takes place shortly after Cinderella marries her prince, and follows the ugly stepsister, Isabelle's story as their family becomes the subject to ridicule. The question is ... will the villain become who she could be or is she doomed to travel down her set fate?
    • Tote Bag created by the wonderful Ink and Wonder encompasses everything this months book is about. “Every Saint has a past. Every sinner has a future.” Isabelle has the opportunity to be more than the evil stepsister she is believed to be, but will she fight her fate?
    • Sticker of Tributes's symbols designed by Kilick. One of the themes of The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins is fighting the oppression and fate that ones government places on individuals.
    • Lipbalm inspired by Cynthia Jane's Unearthly series. It follows part-angel Clara who is trying to fulfill her life’s purpose. But Clara doesn’t follow her fate the way she should. Made especially for you by the Midnight Pages Crate Team, you too can sparkle a change in your fate!
    • Bookmark inspired by Jude Duarte from The Cruel Prince series. She decides that “Instead of being afraid I could be something to fear”. We have included this adorable exclusive Jude Character Bookmark from the amazing Read and Wonder.
    • Button designed by the Midnight Pages Crate Team and inspired by this months book, Stepsister. Ink may seep in and hold you captive but theres always a chance for it to spill and lead to other places or fates!
    • Print by Midnight Pages Crate team. From our lovely in house designer we went very symbolic this month. Cinderella’s glass shoe is cracking with the symbols of Isabella's fate - can she break the facade already set upon her?
    • Monthly Bookmark. Same as our print, enjoy the gorgeous swirl of purple and pink colours to symbolise the magic this book unravels.